The Villa Christiana Contract is divided into several sections: General information, Safety, Troubleshooting, Things to do, and Other.

General Information

  • Upon arrival to the house the booking is final. No cancellation policy is available. The balance must be paid in full with the prearranged refundable damage deposit.
  • For late arrivals after 11:00 PM the house light will be on and the key will be waiting for you at a prearranged place. Feel free to enter the property and make yourself comfortable. A welcome package will be available.
  • Guests are provided with one set of linen/towels per person per week. If extra is needed there will be an extra charge or guests could bring extras as well.  Other charges may include excessive use of the air conditioning.
  • Broken or damaged items at the house must be reported and replaced and deducted off the damage deposit.

  • The towns of Georgioupolis and Kavros are about 3-4 km form the house. There you can find a doctor, a pharmacy, the police station and all types of stores and tourist services.
  • In case of an injury if you need to contact a doctor or a clinic. There is a doctor usually in Georgioupolis and the nearest health center in Vamos. In case you will need a hospital you can go to the main hospital in Chania 40 km westbound or Rethymnon 25km eastbound.
  • In case of an emergency contact us at +30 6945000252 and have our email handy as well

  • The swimming pool area must be supervised by an adult when young children are present or people with special needs. Signs posted “Children and guests with special needs must be supervised by an adult.
  • The swimming pool is chlorinated and algae cleaners are applied so use the pool only during recommended hours.
  • Use plastic cups around the pool area. If glass breaks it will difficult to clean making it a hazard to all guests.
  • Children have tendencies of playing with the pool lights and pull them off the sockets. So please be cautious.
  • There should be no diving as the swimming pool is shallow. Signs are posted “No Diving Shallow Waters 0.8-1.6 meters”

  • In the house, watch your step going up or down the staircase and caution young children.
  • The owner is not responsible for injuries, personal damage or theft during your holiday stay at the house or elsewhere on the island. 
  • Access to the roof of the house is off limits to everyone. Only maintenance people are allowed. (It is not safe to be on the roof because it does not have a rail.)
  • Illegal substances are not allowed at the property.
  • Be aware of fire. During the summer season climate conditions could get really hot thus any type of fire could be catastrophic. When lighting up and operating the BBQ be on alert.
  • There are fire extinguishers inside and outside the house in case of emergencies. In event of a fire, first clear all guests out of the house to safety and call the fire department.

“Do and Don’t”

  • Before entering the swimming pool all must use the pool shower to rinse any dirt and suntan oil off their body. When people enter the pool with oils and dirt contaminates the water; eventually the water will be unusable and the pool will be out of commission. Avoid that and rinse before entering!!!
  • Regarding pool safety a max of 5 persons at a time in the pool.
  • No smoking allowed inside the house. However you may use the patio area.
  • Please lock the door when you leave the house. When at the pool area you must leave the key on the outside keyhole so you can back get in the house. Once the door closes you will be locked out if you don’t have a key. If you leave the key on the inside keyhole we will not be able to open the door not even with a spare key; so do not keep the keys on the inside keyhole when you leave the house.
  • In case you get locked out you please contact us to get you in the house.
  • Do not throw papers in the toilets. Greek toilets do not support such use. If you do they will clog up and you will have a problem with the sewer line.
  • In case you get lost on your way back to the house, search for the mountain top that surrounds the lake, ask people to point you towards the lake, or enter the house location on your smart phone navigation device. Please be aware that the house is located on Exit 1 that leads to Lake Kournas. The house location is called Dimitrouliana Lake Kournas in the municipality of Georgioupolis.

Appliances Use

  • If using the washing machine read the printed instructions provided by the machine. Do not force open anything as the door has an automatic lock and requires a few minutes to unlock after final spin.  To start the wash pull outwards the knob after you choose the appropriate wash program.
  • The AC unit operates using the remote control provided. Press the power button and wait for it to start. Wait several minutes for the cycle to properly begin. The temperature should be set at 20 Celsius. Do not reach to the unit to manually turn on. If you are unable to turn it on please contact us.
  • The TV room has remote controls for the television and digital receivers.


  • If there is a rare power outage in the area, the emergency lights will come on automatically. In case the power comes off during the dusk hours please be careful coming down the stairs and moving around the house. If you don’t have to move around please stay where you are until the power come back on. Make sure you use a flash light.
  • Water pressure could be reduced during city maintenance work. If it happens during your stay be patient and water pressure will return to normal levels soon.
  • Use the shower wisely in order to have hot water throughout the day. Water is heated with a solar panel so during the day light hours there is unlimited hot water. Use it wisely for the evening hours.
  • Please do not open/close the window mosquito nets. They are to remain fixed at all times/their purpose is to keep insects out of the house and protect you. The screens can easily tear and they are very expensive to replace.
  • When pulling the curtains on the windows please slide them with care so they don’t come off the hooks.
  • The fence lights are auto programmed to turn on on dusk for several hours.
  • Show your green energy spirit and turn off lights and appliances when leaving the house.
  • Other
  • You could find recommended restaurants and places to visit on fliers found at the house.

Print this copy go over it with all guests. You are signing that you have read and understood the above Villa Christiana Contract.

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